Q&A with Heidi Zuckerman, Founder of HiZ.art and Kelly Klee Insurance Board Member

We’re pleased to announce Heidi Zuckerman as the newest member of our board of directors. Heidi has established herself as a major talent in the art world as a museum director, curator, author and collector. Previously the CEO and Director of the Aspen Art Museum, Heidi has curated more than 100 exhibitions and authored numerous books throughout her esteemed career. Residing in Aspen with her family, Heidi has taken her passion and extensive knowledge of art into her personal collection as well, which is insured with us at Kelly Klee, of course. In her role with us, Heidi will focus on Kelly Klee’s brand strategy, product strategy for insuring valuable collections, and messaging to high-net-worth individuals and families. Read on for more on Heidi and stay tuned for further dispatches from her.

Tell our readers about yourself.
I had the privilege of serving as CEO and Director of the Aspen Art Museum for 14 years. My tenure included re-imagining the museum as a world-class institution, raising more than $120 Million and building a new, highly acclaimed museum with Shigeru Ban, the 2014 Pritzker Prize winner for architecture. I’ve authored numerous books including “Conversations with Artists,” Volumes I and II, and a widely loved children’s book, “The Rainbow Hour,” with artist Amy Adler. 

What was one project during your time at the Aspen Art Museum that you’re particularly proud of? 
Working with John and Amy Phelan to secure the permanent endowment of free admission to the museum. I see art as a basic human right, not a privilege, and I am deeply committed to removing any barriers of entry.

What are a few of your favorite must-visit spots in Aspen? 
I am a long-time practitioner of yoga with Aaron King and wherever he teaches, I go! I am also a matcha latte-with-oat-milk drinker. My favorite place to have it outside of the house is Local.

What does the role of a curator involve? 
Putting together exhibitions— selecting the artist and the artworks and then writing about them and talking about them.

How do you assess which artists or art pieces will accrue value over time? 
As is true in all markets, there are no guarantees in the art market. I do, however, very much believe in connoisseurship. Not all artists are equal and not all artworks are equal. It’s key to have a long and well-studied background in order to make solid acquisitions.

Who are your favorite artists of the moment? 
Yves Klein is my favorite overall artist. I am also very committed to the work of Rashid Johnson.

And most favorite spots to view art? 
The Louisiana Museum, located just outside of Copenhagen. My most favorite art spot in the world is Naoshima Island in the sea of Japan.

Where do you find your inspiration? 
In my conversations with artists and others about art, talking with people that I love, and in nature.

You’ve worked with many influential collectors in your work with the Aspen Art Museum, can you share any tips or tricks for collecting art that you’ve learned along the years?
The best collectors collect what they love and do so with a rigorous and unflagging passion and commitment.

When it comes to insuring art pieces, where should our readers start? 
I have my art collection insured by Kelly Klee and that is what I would recommend!

What about the preservation of art pieces — are there any specific precautions that should be taken when bringing a new piece into your home? 
Definitely insure the work before you bring it into your home. Secondly, make sure it does not get direct sunlight, ever.

Why did you decide to join the Kelly Klee board? 
I have been a long-term client of Kelly Klee and I only think one should join the board of a company whose goods and or services they use.

What about Kelly Klee Insurance particularly excites you?
I am particularly excited about the new collections aspect of the business and love the soon-to-be-released mobile App, which I think will be a game-changer for personal insurance!

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