Kelly Klee Protects Your Data, Too

Insurance is supposed to make you feel secure. To get the best rates and appropriate coverage, it is necessary to give up personal information about your family, home, vehicles and, in some cases, your business dealings. If that information is mishandled, you can be exposed to serious risk.

Kelly Klee is committed to protecting your data by maintaining the highest levels of security at all points in the insurance-buying process.

“We’re pioneering new levels of personal-information security,” says Jacob Hernandez, chief technology officer at Kelly Klee. “Without giving any vital details away, we use a combination of random and specific information for each customer that makes it impossible for hackers to replicate.”

That combination creates a set of encryption keys that are unique to and owned solely by each customer. Kelly Klee employees don’t have a copy of the keys, they can only ‘borrow’ them when a client has questions about their insurance. As soon as a staff member is finished helping the client, access to the account is revoked for that employee. And for each account, only those Kelly Klee employees assigned to that account know it exists.

“This protects our customers from phishing,” says Ray Easterday, lead software engineer. [Phishing is a practice of data thieves who entice others to give up personal information, often through emails designed to look like they are coming from a legitimate source, in order to impersonate them for monetary gain.] “Even the names of our prospective customers are on a need-to-know basis, so staff can’t look up the name of a client that they aren’t already working with.”

Because Kelly Klee has invested in creating its own expert-designed data-security system, it is not vulnerable to the same type of study and intrusions as software for sale on the open market. Some of the features included in Kelly Klee’s system are:

  • Multiple Encryption Algorithms – Different aspects of each account are encrypted with different algorithms. Even if someone were to decipher one of them, there would be no way to relate that information to the rest of the account.
  • Application Decryption – Customer data is meaningless without Kelly Klee’s proprietary application that puts all of the data back into an order that makes sense—kind of like a very intricate puzzle that is disassembled whenever the puzzle owner is not touching it.
  • Third Parties are a Non-Factor – Strong data security is worthless if information is shared with third parties that do not adhere to the same standards. Kelly Klee does not share any customer information with others.
  • Physical Security – All of Kelly Klee’s physical systems are stored at a facility that makes use of security professionals and physical blockades.

“Although, even if someone did find a way to steal our machines, they would have no value,” says Hernandez. “The data on the drives would look like gibberish. It’s useless without the encryption keys.”

Kelly Klee’s emphasis on data security has created a system with end-to-end encryption. “I’ve done work in the medical industry, banking, the military and government. This is the only system that I’m comfortable putting my own information in,” says Easterday.

Hernandez agrees. “Our customers deserve that level of comfort. Individuals who are celebrities, politicians or have high net worth are at higher risk for being targeted by criminals. We are committed to staying a step ahead on the cyber-protection front for the security and peace of mind of our clients.”

Kelly Klee’s data security is activated the moment you get in touch with us for a no-obligation insurance quote. Call 844.885.1600 or click here to get started.

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