The Kelly Klee Way: Our Company’s Commandments

Getting the right insurance isn’t easy. We know first-hand how much trouble it can be to protect hard-earned assets, because we’ve experienced it ourselves. In fact, we started Kelly Klee because of the troubles our founder— Jon Kelly— had when he tried to find high-end insurance coverage. From day one, our mission has been to demystify the insurance-buying process and to deliver a streamlined, professional service that keeps you properly covered.

We believe that great technology can make great humans “superhuman.”

It’s been clear to us for a long time that what’s missing in insurance is technology that allows well-trained and conscientious insurance professionals to deliver a great service, every time. So, that’s exactly what our technology does. We also recognize how critical the data about your valuable assets is. So, our privacy-obsessed Chief Technology Officer makes sure that we store it in an industry-leading secure data vault that’s only accessible to you and your advisors.

We believe that insurance professionals should be responsive and transparent.

We constantly hear stories from our new customers about times they’ve had to chase down their agent for a response and, of course, we experienced that ourselves before starting Kelly Klee.  We also hear how hard it is to get a straight answer, about what an insurance term means or why coverage is set at a given level. In response, Kelly Klee Coverage Advisors are trained to develop personalized plans for each customer and, perhaps more importantly, to listen first, to ensure that we’re addressing the unique needs that our affluent customers have. Our technology empowers our advisors by keeping track of new and existing customers’ cases so that we don’t ever drop the ball.

We believe in choice, because multiple options produce better customer results.

Insurance for affluent and high-net-worth families is not one-size-fits-all. No single insurer can afford to be all things to all people. That’s why when you work with us, you’re working with an advisor who has direct access to every major national insurer that focuses on high-end personal insurance.  That’s rarer than it might sound! Most agents in the U.S. are “captive” to only a single insurer and high-end insurers are extremely picky about who they choose to work with, accepting fewer than 5% of brokers who apply. The benefit to you? We can deliver optimal solutions by shopping the whole market and recommending the best option for you.

We started this company to bring private client personal insurance into the modern age and to bring you the kind of time-saving, professional service that you expect in all other areas of your financial life. Reach out anytime to find out more. We’re always here to help. 

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