How the Kelly Klee Local Quoting Process Works

We value your time as a Kelly Klee Local agent and want our quoting process to be simple and straightforward. To help explain the process, we’ve broken it down into four parts:
Vet the Applicant
The first step in the quoting process is for you to determine if the customer is a good fit for Kelly Klee’s insurers. If you are unsure, click here to read more, or you can take a look within your Kelly Klee Local online portal for documents provided by our carriers that will help outline a qualified consumer. In general, a good candidate will meet at least these minimum requirements:

  • Owns a high-end home
  • Has only had one or no homeowners claim(s) in the last five years
  • Needs umbrella coverage and is willing to bundle policies
  • Has average to excellent credit

There are always exceptions. If you are unsure, contact our customer advocate team for more guidance.

Submit an Application
Once you’re ready to get a quote, you have two choices: 1) send a link to the client so they can fill in their information; or 2) fill out the applicant’s information yourself.

The important thing to know about this step is that the more complete the information is, the faster you’ll receive a quote. Our high-end insurers require answers to every question on their applications. In other words, if you don’t (or the client doesn’t) supply every piece of information right off the bat, we’ll have to hold the application while we contact you to get the answer, which will slow down the process.

Wait for a Response
As soon as a customer application is complete, our service team will begin working with the insurance carriers to get a quote and submit it to the underwriters. While our goal is to return a proposal within 24 hours, each insurer has a slightly different response time; some take less than a day, while others may be up to 72 hours. However long it takes, you can count on getting an update from Kelly Klee Local each day so you’ll know we’re still working on it. Of course, if there is an emergency (i.e. you need a quote in a couple of hours because a home is closing and Escrow needs it now) please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Review and Present the Proposal
You’ll be notified as soon as a proposal is ready in your online portal for you to submit to the customer. That’s not all you’ll get, however. You’ll also find materials from Kelly Klee Local that will help you better understand the policies you’ll be selling, explain why this insurer’s proposal was chosen as the best solution to your customer’s needs and offer tips on how to sell the policy based on our experience in high-net-worth insurance sales.

Kelly Klee Local will stand with you to offer whatever assistance you may need at each step of the quoting and sales process. Our customer advocate team can be reached Monday through Friday from 8am-6pm MT—call us at (855) 210-8197 or email us at

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