Get to Know Our Insurers – The Cincinnati Insurance Companies

Started by four insurance agents in 1950, the Cincinnati Insurance Companies (Cincinnati) offer property and casualty insurance for businesses and individuals, including private client insurance for individuals and families with high net worth.

These three companies together compose the larger entity:

  • The Cincinnati Casualty Company
  • The Cincinnati Indemnity Company
  • The Cincinnati Insurance Company

Though its name may not be as well-known as some of its competitors, Cincinnati is a strong player in the insurance industry. It is a FORTUNE 500® company and has earned A+ ratings from A.M. Best, Fitch Ratings and S&P Global. In July 2017, Best’s Review recognized the company for maintaining a rating of A or higher for 50 consecutive years.

Kelly Klee offers Cincinnati policies in the following categories:

The company’s Executive Classic Policy is specifically designed to cover high-value homes and includes the cost of a survey done by trained professionals to establish the cost to rebuild your home to the same standard at current prices. In addition to covering your home and its belongings, the policy includes up to $25,000 to cover costs related to identity theft, and earthquake insurance is automatically included, among other perks.

Also available under a Home policy is professional liability insurance, which can cover lawsuits of up to $1 million or more brought against those in a diverse range of professions, from nurses to animal groomers to ministers to teachers.

Renting a car? A Cincinnati auto policy includes excellent coverage to pay for damage to rental cars, in addition to your own covered vehicles. Other options for your covered vehicles are: towing and labor, air bag replacement (if your air bag deploys without an accident occurring), lock replacement (if your keys are lost or stolen), trip interruption up to $600 (if you are delayed by a repair while you’re on the road), and more.

Another popular option is Replacement Cost Plus. If you select this within 30 days after purchasing a new car or a previous model year with less than 1,000 miles, then have an accident in which that vehicle is totaled, you have two options: You can either choose to get a new car of the same make and model and with the same add-ons (if available), or you can receive the value of your car plus any additional amount needed to pay the balance of your car loan.

Your home and auto policies include liability coverage. But you can be sued for more than the dollar maximums of those policies, and certain lawsuits or mishaps may not fall under either of those policy categories. Cincinnati’s umbrella coverage ensures that you have personal-liability protection in the event that you are sued. And the coverage is worldwide, providing peace of mind for those who travel outside the U.S.

Valuable Articles
Cincinnati offers flexible coverage for your valuable articles. You can cover all sorts of collectibles, such as art, jewelry or firearms, and you can choose blanket coverage for a group of similar items or insure each one separately. If you specifically insure an item, you will pay no deductible, although you may qualify for a credit on your premium if you do select a deductible. Cincinnati’s valuable articles coverage also applies worldwide (unless an item is specifically excluded by your policy).

Cincinnati insurance is only offered through select insurance agencies; Kelly Klee is one of them. To get a quote on the company’s private client insurance options, contact us at 844.885.1600. To learn more about The Cincinnati Insurance Companies, click here.

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