Comparing Standard Market vs. Private Client Insurance Products

There’s a refreshing difference between selling private client insurance versus standard market products: your ability to say yes more often. Can I buy an umbrella policy for $20 million? Yes. Does this policy cover sewer backups? Yes. Can I insure my wine collection? Yes.

It’s a different sales environment because private client insurance provides more comprehensive coverage, higher coverage limits and superior policy servicing.

This means that instead of selling primarily on price, you can emphasize value. The type of customer that is a good fit for Kelly Klee’s insurers is more concerned with having adequate and complete protection than they are with saving a few bucks.

Following are some charts that give a general overview of the differences in coverage between standard market products and private client insurance products. (Note that the exact products and coverage limits offered will vary by insurer and by state.) As always, Kelly Klee Local is available to answer specific questions and help you craft the best messages to sell these products to your clients. You can reach us at (855) 210-8197 or by sending an email.

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