Insurance is a Promise

When you buy insurance, you’re buying a promise—a promise that if you have a claim, you will be made whole to the extent that is possible. For those who need high-value home insurance or coverage for luxury autos or expensive valuables or collectibles, it is especially important to choose an insurer that will deliver on that promise.
But how do you know which insurance companies are trustworthy? There are lots of promises being made; do you know which ones will be kept?

Kelly Klee does. We are insurance experts, specializing in serving individuals and families whose needs are greater than those that can be satisfied by mass-market insurance. What does this mean?

The Right Companies
Kelly Klee only works with insurance companies that have proven track records. They offer excellent products specifically developed to meet the needs of successful individuals. They pay claims promptly and with a minimum of hassle.

The Right Coverage
We can provide quotes tailored to your circumstances from multiple companies. Take high-value home insurance, for example. Mass-market insurance coverage may max out at $1 or $2 million. Our insurers offer much higher coverage limits, and they know how to value features like custom finishes and craftsmanship. They also offer auto policies with unique features. For instance, if you need luxury auto insurance, you can purchase a policy that will replace your luxury vehicle with the newest version of the same model if your current car is totaled.

Specialized Coverage
Kelly Klee has access to insurers that offer valuables and collectibles insurance for items like jewelry, wine, fine art and sports or other memorabilia. These policies can be customized to your needs and include useful features such as coverage for pairs or sets of items. This means, for example, that if you lose one diamond earring, you can choose to replace it, receive the market value of the lost earring, or surrender the remaining earring and receive the market value of both.

Appropriate Coverage Amounts
In addition to making sure that your property is properly valued and fully covered, Kelly Klee will recommend the amount of excess liability insurance you would need to protect your lifestyle in the event of a personal-injury or property-damage lawsuit. These policies can include coverage for reputation-management services and defense counsel that is not subject to policy limits.

Advice and Assistance
We don’t use call centers at Kelly Klee. Our helpful agents and staff members are highly trained and truly care about meeting our clients’ needs. We are here to assist every step of the way—from using our experience and knowledge to assess your insurance needs to presenting you with clear options and recommendations to helping with the claims process if you need any assistance.

Kelly Klee exists to help successful individuals and families navigate the insurance landscape and make beneficial decisions about insurance coverage. Our promise to you is that we will be responsive and helpful, we will look out for your best interests, and we will apply our insurance expertise to help you have greater peace of mind. Please contact us here or by calling 844.885.1600 to get to know more about Kelly Klee and how we can add value to your life.

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