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With Kelly Klee, you'll get a custom-tailored insurance plan that covers your residences, vehicles, collectibles and personal liability.

The white-glove service you're ready for.

If your household income is $200,000 or more, you've likely outgrown the coverage offered by most mass-market insurance providers.
It's time to take your coverage to the next level: Kelly Klee.


Our custom-tailored insurance plans provide vastly better protection, and can actually save you money.

Based on an actual customer quote from January of 2015.

Your comprehensive risk assessment


A Kelly Klee personal risk consultant will guide you through an in-depth risk management analysis. As part of this review, we’ll explore four key areas - property, vehicles, collectibles and liability - to identify gaps in coverage that are exposing you to risk.

Are you covered for vehicles that your relatives drive?
Is your growing collection protected against theft, damage or loss?
If a household employee steps foot on your boat, are they covered?
Are your company vehicles on your personal policy? Could you be liable for an accident?
Renting out your vacation property? Does your insurance reflect that?
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Put our experts to work for you.

Ensuring your protection

Once we identify the vulnerabilities in your current policies, we’ll create a custom plan that addresses each deficiency. Then we'll identify your top 3 personal risk exposures and provide detailed recommendations on ways to maximize your policy dollar.

You'll also receive a side-by-side comparison of your current coverage against what you'll achieve with Kelly Klee. This comparison ensures you'll no longer overpay only to be underinsured.

Your assessment will take into consideration the full suite of coverage details, such as:

  • Auto personal injury protection and loan/lease gap
  • Guaranteed replacement dwelling coverage
  • Sewer backup / mold remediation
  • Identity theft expense
  • Jewelry and fine art
  • Wine collection and silverware
  • Sport memorabilia



Kelly Klee


Mass Market

Kelly Klee's Private Insurance carriers provide full replacement cost coverage. This means you won't have to haggle about your house's value when you have a claim. Our private carriers even waive deductibles on high-value losses.

$250,000 = the amount of underinsurance reported by 64 percent of respondents who lost their homes in Colorado’s 2010 Fourmile Canyon wildfire. Source: United Policyholders, a nonprofit consumer group

Because change is the only constant

Your life will change. And when it does, we'll be there to make sure you're properly protected. Because we proactively reach out to you, we’ll assess any new risks and update your policy when you acquire new assets, add to your household staff, buy your son his first car - anything.

Brilliant support for painless claims

One of the biggest differences between Kelly Klee and mass-market insurance comes when you need it most. While the goal of most mass-market insurers is to minimize their claims costs, our goal is to make you whole.

Your claims will be handled immediately, no matter when a crisis strikes. Your Kelly Klee advisor will be there to walk you through the process, give you advice and answer any questions you may have. We bring you full circle to replace or repair the things that mean the most to you.


Bob Klee
Co-founder and President
"How often do you hear someone rave about the service they got from their insurance company? ...Exactly. But our service promise is simple: we focus on you. We’re your constant advisor and advocate, working on your behalf with our A-rated insurance providers. "
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